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Candid Photography for St. Paul, Minneapolis and Twin Cities Companies and Consumer Events




Capturing That Special Moment-in-Time.




Candid Photos for St. Paul and Minneapolis Businesses

Since most businesses are in the people business, genuine candid photos can help your company humanize your offering and communicate a more positive customer experience. 

Whether for social media, website or corporate use, great candid photos have that special moment-in-time quality that enables you to build your brand and relate positively to your customers and prospects.

Don’t let your photo library to get stale! Hire SHOT Photography to keep your images current and engaging.

Candid Photos for

St. Paul and Minneapolis


Today, almost “everyone is a photographer” who can shoot candid photos at a social gathering. 

However, most of those photos either end up in the trash or they bore people to death! 

SHOT Photography captures beautiful, one-of-a-kind photos of those meaningful moments.  Great candid photos keep your memories alive and make great gifts for family and friends.

NOTE: We cover larger consumer events such as family reunions or wedding receptions; no wedding photography or student photos.

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