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Product Photography for St. Paul and Minneapolis Companies


Quality product photography for Minneapolis and St. Paul businesses.  Videos, too!


Why product photography?


High quality product photography and product videos are essential for St. Paul and Minneapolis businesses.  After all, photos go a long way in representing your brand.  Plus, they help you engage with your audience. 


Therefore … Great product photography is a must for Twin Cities companies!


Product photos are a must for your website, for social and for e-commerce.  


SHOT Photography provides product photography and product videos for businesses in the greater St. Paul and Minneapolis area.  Some examples are:


  • Small-scale or close-up product photography
  • Products-in-use photography and videos
  • Demonstration videos and photography
  • How-to-use videos and including scripting
  • How-to-use photography
  • On-site product or industrial photography
  • Product photography and product videos for e-commerce websites

The benefits of product photography

Product photography is invaluable.  What can product photography do for you?

  • Present your products clearly and in their best light
  • Instill confidence in your products
  • Build and reinforce your brand
  • Explain how your products work
  • Reinforce product benefits
  • Help you develop a product library for static or e-commerce websites

Today, product photos are more important than ever.  So, build, then maintain, a high quality photo library for your St. Paul or Minneapolis business! SHOT Photography.  High quality product photos and product videos for companies in the greater Twin Cities area and western Wisconsin.  Of course, we travel state wide, too, so contact us to discuss your product photography or product video needs.

Considerations for St. Paul and Minneapolis businesses

  when it comes to product photography

Should you handle your own product photography?

Well, if you have a professional studio setup for your product photography, great lighting and a competent in-house photographer, by all means. Go at it!

However, consider your time and your personnel. If your in-house person is busy or ill or on vacation, you’ll need a reliable pro to step in.

Need a backup?

Many Twin Cities companies do their own product photography, but many find they need a backup every now and then.

This is where Shot Photography comes in. Give us a call when your internal team can’t handle your product photography needs.

“We need that new product on our website tomorrow!”

It happens. You need to get that new product photographed and up on your website or on your social media channel right away.

Deadlines don’t change!

Maybe there’s been a delay in getting your product delivered to you in time. Your deadline doesn’t change. You need a pro to be on standby.

Whether your product is small or large, whether the shoot is on site or in Shot’s studio, Shot Photography can handle most product photography quickly.















Are photos of your products and services high quality, up to date and engaging?

Many companies place photos of their products or services on their website, in social media or in collateral then forget about them.

Keep your photos up to date.

Keeping photos of your products up to date is very important. Even the smallest change in a product should be updated when it comes to your product photography.

The quality of your photos is also important. Consistency is important. Your products should convey a uniform look and feel.

What’s your focus?

Depth of field is important, too. Depth of field is the term to describe what parts of the photo are most in focus. In some product photography you may want to have a critical part of the product in focus, with other parts of the product out of focus, to draw attention to a particular feature. With other products you may want the entire image in very sharp focus. Pros know how to accomplish this.

An engaging photo is sometimes required: showing the product in use in a genuine environment with a natural model.

“Real” is always better as opposed to product photography that is clearly staged.

Contact SHOT Photography today for a FREE consultation for your St. Paul or Minneapolis business. High quality, professional product photography at its best! Located in St. Paul, serving the greater Twin Cities area and western Wisconsin.

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